4 Amazing Types of Cat Beds


When you set out to get a bed for your cat, the comfort of your cat should be your utmost consideration.

The size and personality of your cat should be foremost under consideration for the type of bed you choose to buy. You want a bed type that your cat feels comfortable and relaxed enough to ease off stress and boredom.

Cat With Beds

For your still growing cat, you also want to ensure that its bed should readily accommodate the size it is going to mature into unless you plan to get it another bigger sized bed after its maturity.

Today we will be delving into the different types of cat beds for you to be aware of your chosen variation for purchase. These cat beds come in a range of styles and designs and are sure to give your cat the much-needed comfort.

Some of the bed in the market includes;

  • Enclosed Cave Beds: These cat bed types provide a very private lounging area for your cat. These bed types are peculiar for cats that would rather have their own secluded resting surfaces free from the gaze of others. These cat bed types allow your very reserved cat to feel cozy while resting in its sheltered space.
  • Perch Beds with Radiators: These are the typical off the ground cat bed types. They are the typical bed types used to give your cat a watching spot. These hanging beds are sure ways to keep your cat busy and entertained. Click here to see this mounted cat bed for window walls. They come with heat-absorbing pads to retain body heat while keeping your cat warm and comfortable. Besides, these bed types readily suites the climbing nature of cats.
  • Fluffy Round Shape Beds: These plush fluffy donut shaped cat beds provide your cat all the comfort it can handle. These cat bed types are peculiar for allowing your cat to sleep in a curled-up position. The elevated edges of the bed help contribute to the comfort and security of the whole bedding system.
  • The Heated Beds: These bed types are generally used to keep your cat warm especially during the winter times. These times your cat will need to keep warm and retain its body heat as much as possible. Time and time again this has proven to have medical benefits especially for your cat with medical conditions like; arthritis and joint pains. To a great extent, they help relieve such muscle pains and provide much-needed comfort. The heated beds are padded with radiators to ensure that the bed stays warm and cozy for your cat to lie in. Most importantly, these beds are self-heated and are accompanied by many health benefits for your feline fur friend.

Beyond aesthetics, the type of cat bed you intend to purchase for your feline baby has to effectively satisfy the pressing needs of buying it. It should provide the maximum comfort and security that your cat will definitely need to thrive through challenging times and be their safe hideouts. In essence, your cat should be happy and fond of its bed.

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